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The Teton Mountains are an incredible sight to behold. Unlike some of the other high-traffic parks, the Tetons benefit from having a huge variety of easily accessible options for park visitors.

Crowd Factor: 8/10

Day visitors from Jackson overwhelm the park during Peak Hours, but a variety of options thins out the crowds in certain areas.

Peak Hours: 9a-5p

By 10am, there will be long lines at entrance gates, backed up traffic on the highways, and overflowing parking lots.

Things to Do

Most Popular: Jenny Lake

Our Take: Jenny Lake is gorgeous, but if you’re willing and able to hike, there are less crowded options that are just as great.

Photo Credit: NPS

While sunsets are beautiful everywhere, sunsets at the Tetons will make you know there’s something special about the Universe. And String Lake is the perfect place to experience it.

A Sunset Must: String Lake Loop

Mather Favorites

Peak Alternative: Phelps Lake

Best known for its wildlife viewing and its tranquility, this trail also offers dynamic views of the southern Teton foothills and the imposing Death Canyon.

Best Day Hike: Amphitheater Lake

An all-day, 10-mile buttkicker, this hike that will leave you with a sense of accomplishment that makes it worth every step.

Campgrounds: Signal Mountain or Gros Ventre

If your plans have you arriving early in the day (before 11am), we say head straight to Signal Mountain. Jenny Lake Camping is more cutthroat and not especially worth the hassle. If your schedule has you arriving in the afternoon or evening, Gros Ventre is the answer.

5 Hikes That Mather

#1 Amphitheater & Surprise Lakes

A challenging all-day hike that's worth every aching mile. It's one of the best hikes you'll do in any National Park.

Distance: 10.0 Miles
Difficulty: Very Strenuous
Peak Alternative: Yes. The trail will be busier than most other 10-mile hikes, but it's still a dream compared to Jenny Lake.
Best Start Time: Before 9AM. Parking at the trailhead is ample, but will fill in the late morning hours.

Additional Mathers

In Case of Clouds:

Schedule Two Days

If possible, schedule at least two full days for the park. Summer rain is not unusual, and when the skies are cloudy they will cover the Tetons completely.

What if it Rains? 

If you see rain in your forecast, plan on exploring Jackson Hole or snagging a table at Signal Mountain Lodge.

Mather's One-Day Itinerary

These times are based on summer daylight hours, typical temperatures, and crowd sizes.


630am: Wake Up!
830am: Arrive Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve Parking Lot
9am-2pm: Phelps Lake Loop & Overlook, w/ stop at swimming hole. Pack a lunch.
2-330pm: Rest, read, and recover at the Preserve.
330-4pm: Ranger Program
4-445pm: Drive to Chapel of the Sacred Heart Picnic Area
445-545pm: Early Dinner
6pm: Arrive String Lake Loop Trailhead
6-9pm: String Lake Loop for Sunset
9pm: Return to Camp

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